hardy boys

When it comes to tag team wrestling, it is an egregious sin not to mention THE HARDY BOYS! The brothers have won almost everything in different divisions across the wrestling universe. One of their greatest matches for me was the 30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match with The Bar {Cesaro and Sheamus} during the Great Balls of Fire in 2017. Heart racing stuff!

I particularly like one of their signature winning moves, The Twist of Fate, especially because of its name. Beautiful move, just like everything with the Hardys, sheer poetry. However, I noticed that very hardy opponents don’t capitulate to this move. They kick out.


There are many things in life that we cannot control, for example, where we are born, to whom we are born, our siblings, and so much more. Truth is, a number of those uncontrollable things are also not palatable. In such instances, it seems like fate has dealt us the wrong cards in life’s game and some just surrender and lose out.

However, to be champions, we must kick out from under the pin of the Twist of Fate. How do we achieve this? It is by our choices, majorly. You might be born into a lineage of uneducated folks and make up your mind to be a professor.

The fates are supposed to be divine. We are too when we exercise our choices. Our daily choices make us gods over the fates. That is why God gave us the power of choice when He created us in his image.

Joseph had a lot of things go wrong that he could not control. He was sold into slavery by his brothers, lied against, went to prison, yet he refused to be bitter. He kept on being hardworking, loving peeps, solving problems, said no to Potiphar’s wife and ultimately became a prime minister.

He spat on the fates with his choices and won.

It is our decisions that determine our destinies not the fates.

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