The Rockers are my best tag team ever! Their colourful duds with streaming ribbons, energetic entrance and nifty moves completely got me enchanted from day one. You can imagine my heartbreak when they broke up. I never recovered and that is the main reason I never got to be a huge fan of Shawn Michaels even when he became a wrestling phenomenon. He turned rogue on Marty Jannetty his partner, who was actually my favourite. I came to respect Shawn a lot, grudgingly though, but could never forgive him {kayfabe as the whole thing was, lol}.
Amazingly, Shawn following the break up, went on to become one of the greatest wrestlers ever! That taught me a big lesson. As much as no man is an island and we all need people to make a headway in life, some people are like deadweight. To become champions we have to let go off them. Some relationships are destructive!
Jonathan as wonderful a person as he was lost his life just because he was Saul’s son. Amnon, David’s son, died because he had a terrible friend like Jonadab.
We all must be cautious before forming friendships and relationships. To do that, we need to be in tune with ourselves. We must all know our vision, purpose, strength and weaknesses and that of the people we are hitching our carts to. If I meet a long lost friend at the airport and he is going to New York, while I am going to Milan, we would have to say our good byes. Our itinerary automatically separates us.
The answer to destructive partnerships that will lead nowhere is in what God told the Jews, “come out from amongst them and be ye separate!” Some relationships will never make champions of us. In such situations, we might have to be aggressive like Shawn, he broke Marty Jannetty’s head to let go. Don’t break the person’s head though, destroy the tie…

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Ekpo Ezechinyere 2018
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