Gentleman Chris Adams {What a fine wrestler he was!} was the first person that introduced me to the “Super Kick”. It was a powerful move that most crumbled to. I could not wait to see him use it against heels like The Freebirds.
Shawn Michaels is definitely one of WWE greatest superstars ever! Some epic battles in the history of the company were fought by this man, e.g. the retirement fight of Ric Flair. Shawn’s signature winning move was the super kick, no, the SWEET CHIN MUSIC!
He took the Super Kick into his kitchen, added some pizzazz, sprinkled some hype and poured some panache into it and it became the Sweet Chin Music. In short, he innovated the super kick and none could stand before it.

sweeeet chin music
Lot of times we don’t need to re-invent the wheel, what is needed might just be a dose of innovation. Since inception, phones are mainly used for calls but over time, a lot of transformation has occurred. The champions {Apple and iPhone, Samsung} in the phone making industry are those ones that have made a lot of improvements over time, while those that cannot are left biting the dust. Remember Nokia and Blackberry?
A lot of Jesus movies have existed over the years, then Mel Gibson added more grit and passion to Passion of the Christ and the movie became the king of all Christian movies. Some of the greatest movie franchises have existed for ever. James bond since the 60s, Star Wars since the 70s, yet they are such delightful staples till now because someone keeps refining and tweaking. Vin Diesel and his crew have done the same for Fast and Furious. The Hobbit was written in 1937, Lord of the Rings in 1954 and were made into movies in the 2000s.
Winners never sit back on their oars. To get ahead, they keep improving. Innovation is the stuff of champions.

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