I used to really like Kofi Kingston as a single competitor probably more than I do now. His gimmick of being a Jamaican even though he was Ghanaian, his entrance theme, signature move {Trouble in Paradise} were really def! Kofi is quite talented and won some championships but was never a great and was not even on the greatness list. Big E despite his build was pretty ordinary and Xavier Woods was somewhat of a new kid on the block. Then they team up and became The New Day. They have become one of the greatest tag teams ever in WWE. Breaking records as champions and loved by all.

Way the world was designed, we were never created to work and walk alone. Liverpool football club got it right there. There is power in partnerships! The right ones though. I will do a post on that tomorrow. From the genesis of time, we find God forming a team to make man. He had created other creatures alone but when it came to his masterpiece, He formed a partnership.

In the business world, mergers are common these days because good alliance brings in results. If a company in Africa partners with one in New Zealand, there is automatically more networking and greater reach for their products {more profits} than an outfit that is only found in one of the locations, i.e. all things being equal.David was a shepherd boy that had no palace experience. Sharp dude that he was, he formed a covenant friendship with Prince Jonathan. That friendship taught him the ways of the court and also saved his life.

Right partnerships are way cool. They breed champions. It is written that two heads are better than one because they get a better reward for their labour. One shall chase a 1000 and two 10,000. The scriptures cannot be broken.

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Ezechinyere 2018

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