LIFE LESSONS FROM #WWE 19. Charlotte Flair

The women arm of WWE has undergone a lot of revolution recently under the leadership and watchful eye of Stephanie McMahon. She is an extraordinary visionary, I tell you. Many glass ceilings have been broken through her and the sky is just the beginning for them now.

I affirmed in my former posts that in the world of wrestling, Ric Flair is the greatest of the greatest. In my opinion, greatness should be perpetuated but sometimes the bar is too high to be overcome by coming generations. For example, the mercurial heights that Johann Cruyff got to have been difficult to vault. It seemed that was going to be the same story with Ric until his daughter stepped into his oversized shoes. SHE IS PHENOMENAL, MAGICAL!

Charlotte Flair is a veritable queen, a woman that gets things done. Though female, she is a chip off the old block. She has been involved in a lot of firsts in the women category, Hell in a Cell and others. It is no wonder that she is already a champion many times over.

In a world where women are breaking limits, this woman with colleagues like Sasha Banks and Asuka {her match with Charlotte at the latest Wrestlemania is the stuff of legends, even the epic battle between Achilles and Hector falls short} are also changing the status Quo. They are Wonder-Women, heroines.

This post is a tribute to @lilianekpo, a Wonder Woman, a woman who gets things done and all the Amazons out there breaking limits, changing boundaries, pushing frontiers. I salute thee all!

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