I was at an event recently and someone walked in and caused quite a lot of buzz. Everywhere was agog. Funny, the guy was simple and was not garbed in the most colourful finery. He was not a political juggernaut either, but way everyone celebrated him showed he had an uncommon something.
The Rock in my opinion is the most electrifying wrestler ever, EVER! There have been some greats before and after him. The likes of the Ultimate Warrior, Brett Hart, Ric Flair, Mike Foley, Hulk Hogan, Machoman Randy Savage but none holds a candle. The way he cocks his brows, his elaborate tattoo (which is more of an art form than a tattoo), his entrance theme (Can you smell what the rock is cooking), etc. Even as a heel, this guy was loved by the WWE universe, only a few other peeps like Stone Cold have ever achieved that. To drive it home further, he went on to Hollywood and set the place ablaze. For his first movie Scorpion King, he was paid a whooping sum for a newbie. He was the world’s highest-paid actor of 2016.

Following a hiatus of his, he came back to WWE and in his normal electrifying fashion made everybody go wild. He was sporting a Tshirt emblazoned with “I BRING IT!”
The Rock does BRING IT, fast and furiously, in spades!!! Which leads to the question, what do you and I bring to the arena of life?? Some people colour everywhere blue with pessimism and negativity. Others corrupt their surroundings with fear and the stench of despair. Some never make others feel good about themselves. Some flood the air with evil miasma. Others bring hope, joy, laughter, optimism like the rays of the sun after a season of bitter winter.
What we bring to the table of life influences our chances of becoming champions. The Rock is “The People’s Champion”.
I BRING IT! I think I need to get me that Tshirt!
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