Another day filled with unbearable humdrum. Even though he was in the wild yet it seemed as if he was enclosed by walls of claustrophobia. After decades, he still could not unravel the mystery of how he ended up here. He was aeons away from his initial high born, trail blazing beginning. In generations to […]

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ZELOPHEHAD Zelophehad, a difficult name to pronounce, a name that sounds like it should be mummified in the casings and wrappings of time but it is one that should always be remembered even in modern times. Life is a specialist in limiting humans. Like a pugnacious heavyweight boxer, it can back us into a corner, […]

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With all the euphoria associated with crossing the threshold of a new year sometimes the year does not start the way we expect. Confronting us might be school fees that fail to show up, businesses that refuse to lift off ground, bills screaming to be paid, relationships that will not budge an inch like ornery […]

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GUSHER!!!! The sun was a hammer and the earth was its anvil. It hammered down mercilessly, incessantly! Heat waves in shimmering playfulness rose from the rocks in the distance and created mirages that tormented our already agonized souls. Dotting the landscape were stunted trees with drooping leaves bowing to the tyranny of the harsh weather. […]

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Recently my soul was filled with angst.  It seems I was being hounded by my dreams. With feral ferocity they attacked my consciousness, choked me until I tasted them on my buds. You must be wondering why I suffered such discomfiture. It was because my present location seemed to be aeons away from that of […]

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Christmas Again?

Originally posted on The Z Channel:
Christmas Again is an anthology of stories about the reason for the season – Christ. A collection of stories masterfully woven by fine writers including the very versatile and super talented DrSwag and edited by Chimeka Garricks. ? The anthology is just off the press, and like freshly baked…

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  Ekaette was beautiful but wanton! In the estate where she lived and served as a help for the Abioduns, she was very popular amongst drivers, stewards and male cooks as one who flagrantly distributed salacious delicacies. The okada riders hangout outside the estate was also one of her favourite haunts. Her figure was perfection, […]

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Thing is, there is no glory without the cross. Like the popular saying goes, no guts no glory! The Via Dolorosa of destinies is full of tears, sweat and blood just like the path Jesus trod on the way to his ultimate mission. However, as much as the cross is the bridge to the fulfillment […]

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Their walkway was made up of stars that stretched on far beyond the horizon. Stars that were not just twinkling like diamonds in the sky but at intervals flared golden. Yet they dimmed comparatively to the ones that shined in his wife’s eyes and the ones that exploded in his mind when he kissed her. […]

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