UK TODAY The train hurtled away from London Victoria coach station towards East Croydon. Outside, the heavens rained down snow icing and turned the world into a frosty cake. The unfolding vista opened up like beautiful flower petals, ephemeral beauty that was hastily swept away by impatient rushing winds. The young man, head leaning against […]

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SU’EDDIE, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU Conducted by an orchestra of hopelessness, a symphony of agony filled the ever dark room. In the enclosed dank space, groans of turning wheels mingled with endless sighs and moans. The nature of the torture was however, more mental than physical. A couple of tiny windows admitted watery light […]

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                    The serpent was the craftiest of all the creatures the Lord God had made. So the serpent came to the woman. “Really?” he asked. Did God ask you not to eat of every tree in the garden?   The tinted lights flashed on and off like an erratic rainbow and stroboscopes juggled balls of […]

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                                                     Frustration, a debilitating roaring inferno engulfed my soul as I lingered in Starrling bank for my monthly stipend. I had been waiting for hours for seventy thousand naira while the official lazed away with apparent boredom as she awaited the confirmation from my office. It now absolutely made sense why the bank was a […]

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